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Happy 5th, Bombastarr!

Before anything else, it completely slipped off my mind that last February 5 was the 5th anniversary of this blog! I just remembered it a while ago. Wow, could you believe it, five long years? FIVE YEARS? I can't believe I've had this journal since I was.. *counts* thirteen! Whoa. That's a lifetime in Internet terms! Haha. It's insane. I know this hasn't been as updated as it once was, but this blog will always be my home. So, here's to the 5 years! Happy Birthday, Bombastarr! :)


I really am in no mood to write anything sensible right now. But today was pretty awesome. Lots of good and lucky things happened to me today -- from winning Php500-worth of Krispy Kreme gift certificates, to getting a pretty decent score for my Phil01 midterms. This week made up for all the bad vibes of the last. But the stressful times are far from over, in fact, it's only beginning. Our camping at Mt. Makiling is on Friday and exams, projects, and defenses are all coming up in the following weeks. Nghhhh. I'm so anxious about everything, even my hormones are messing up :| It's taking a toll on my body, seriously. But there's no escaping this. Let's just hope I get through this alive.

Summer vacation, please come quick :(