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Hell week is hell.

God, it's 1:04 am and I'm still awake. Not wide awake, mind you, because it's just my guilty conscience that's forcing my mind to work, work, work on this reaction paper on stories for our Cl184 (Gay Writing) class. Yes, I love gays with all their fairy dust and frills, but come on, reading 9 short (but actually long) stories on homosexuality in just one night?

The problem is despite so many things I seem to have accomplished for the last week -- a group defense, a critical analysis on two short stories, reading up in advance -- there are still so many things left to do. I still have a play and an exam this Friday, a recital on Saturday, film viewing on Monday, Philo oral exams on Tuesday, another exam on Wednesday and finally, the dreaded Shakespeare exam next Friday.

It's ironic how I can still push myself to work hard when my bed is desperately calling out for me. My body is literally giving up on me already. I am in serious sleep deprivation. I'm hungry and craving for oreos. I feel tired and messed up.


I just really want to get this month over with already :(