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Summer (classes)

As the jeep passed by the Oblation, turning a left towards the waiting shed before Vargas Museum, I glanced my head outside the window hoping to see how far I still was from the AS-FC walk because I was almost late for my 9 am class. But what flashed before me was a picturesque view of tall trees shading the Academic Oval as if warmly welcoming you to another day into its arms. I see this everyday but this morning it felt new and inviting. It was 8:57 on my watch, but I just really had to stop for a second and appreciate the view before I went back to rushing to my class.

It's been almost three years, but I don't think I will ever get tired of UP.

This is the first time I would be taking summer classes -- ever. My philosophy has always been to enjoy the summer break because it's the only reward you can really give yourself after an extremely stressful year. It gives you ample time to fully recharge before bracing yourself for yet another battle with the university life. But because of blockmate-pressure and the desire to make this summer more productive than usual, I enrolled for CL114 (Drama), which is a prerequisite to CW 141 (Playwriting). Our creative writing specialization classes require a specific genre of literature as a prerequisite, so this is one way of lessening my load for next semester. It's not all that bad really because I'm with two of my best friends but what sucks is that while everyone else is probably frolicking in the sand, or still curled lazily in front of the TV, I have to drag myself out of bed everyday to learn about Euripides and melodrama.

Honestly though, I'm not really complaining that much. I mean sure, I would much rather spend my time at home honing my mouse-clicking and keyboard-typing skills. But the optimist in me is looking forward to this actually. At least I'm going to immerse myself in literature, something I love enough to work hard at no matter how difficult it may seem. And if anything, there are only four weeks left anyway, so it will all be over soon.

Meanwhile, I'm spending my afternoons catching up on some of my favorite shows, Sex and The City and Ally McBeal, both of which I love because their lead characters are living the life I've always been dreaming of: that of a writer and of a lawyer. Who would've thought that I'm actually getting closer to becoming both? :)