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Major major stress.

In the attempt of making my life a little less chaotic and a little more efficient, I decided to list down all the things I still need to accomplish (and their deadlines) before this semester ends. At least this way, I get to see them in plain sight, and I can mentally (and emotionally, and physically) prepare myself for what's ahead -- hopefully making life less stressful.

English 21 2nd Critical Paper
English 21 Final Paper
English 42 Long Exam
English 42 2nd Short Paper
English 42 Final Exam
English 42 Final Paper
Italian 13 Midterms
Italian 13 Finals
CL 115 Report
CL 115 Essay
CL 115 Final Anthology
CW 110 Final Short Story Draft

Uhm, wasn't this supposed to alleviate me somehow? I posted this list beside my mirror, and everyday when I comb my hair or check my outfit, I think I hear evil laughter and a menacing voice: "SORRY, YOU'RE NOT THE FAIREST ONE OF ALL.* THANKS TO US! But at least you're pale and white."

Where's my fairy godmother* when I need one? All I have is this nagging voice inside my head. Not always effective.

Now if you'll excuse me, my inner Sleeping Beauty* is reckoning. I know I can't do anything unless I recharge myself. Please wake me up after one hundred years. (Or at least after this semester.) And please be a Prince Charming.*

* Use of fairy tales in hopes of attaining a happy ending.