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Break sem.

The second half of my third year began yesterday.

But so far, the second semester hasn't really started for me yet. Only one of my professors in the last two days showed up (which is actually not surprising) and most of the people are still in an understandable state of languor and sluggishness. Add the fact that the weather is unbelievably snuggle-worthy, and you get an equation for laziness. I really don't feel like starting the sem yet.

I've noticed that for most of my friends (who are all in majors) our schedules are filled with breaks: either long, stretching ones or short but distributed ones. It's ironic that for a semester that's supposed to make us feel all stressed, here we are given more idle time. Interesting that after "sem break" we're given "break sem."

Which can go either way for me (and us), really. It's not like idleness equates to creativity or productivity. To me, idleness only makes me want to sleep/laze around even more. I'm hoping I get through this sem, especially my epic four-and-a-half-hour break on Tuesdays! God. I could always go back home to the dorm, of course, but the problem with that is I wouldn't want to go back to school anymore. I tried going home once, when a prof cancelled a class, and I slept through until late in the afternoon, making me miss my next class. I have a very strong feeling that that wouldn't be far from happening again if I decide to do the same this sem.

I'm still kind of figuring out how to work my way through those breaks this week, but hopefully as the sem goes along I'll find my rhythm and stick to it. It's just the first two days, after all. It's too early to say. I'm hoping for the best, as always. And really, I'm just thankful I got all the subjects I need, and the much-needed lunch dates I (or rather, "we") want.

Let's get this thing going, second sem! I'm ready for you!

P.S. It's snuggle weather again and I'm literally under the sheets, snuggling up to my pillow and a cozy, navy blue varsity jacket, with my 90's playlist on my iPod. Ahhh, those were the days: when rain meant a suspension of classes and classmates meant friends you've had since first grade. God, I feel old.