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Run, Karla, Run!

Guess what I did today? Something so completely out of character that I didn't even tell my friends about it because they probably would shake their heads in disbelief until I actually pushed through with it :))

I ran for 3K at the Unilab Run United 2 held at Global City this morning!

It was such a challenge because (1) I am the least athletic person I know, (2) I am a lazy-ass bum who hates sweating, and (3) I haven't jogged since December of last year for our barkada's unofficial new past-time of running around the UP Acad Oval. But for some reason my tita convinced me and well, I just had to do it! With nothing but a running playlist and a determined mindset, I aimed for the finish line!

(Random story: Even after a year later, it's interesting that it's still Flo-rida's "Sugar" that never fails to perk me up when I'm getting tired! That song just really has so many good memories of last year.. of our previous jogs around the Oval.. of riding someone's car for the first time.. of the final week before Christmas break of 09.. Oops, I digress.)

Achievement of the day for me: I didn't walk at all for the whole three kilometers (which may be such a piece of cake for anybody else) and I didn't stop either. I just ran, and ran, and ran. Totally defying my limits! Hell yeah! \:D/ I really didn't care about my time or how many people were ahead of me; I just wanted to finish the race for myself, really! And I did! What a great feeling :)

Although now my legs are killing me T_T :))