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Traipsing through genres.

This semester is unarguably the defining point of my undergraduate career. Right now, I am taking up CW subjects on my chosen genres: Nonfiction, Fiction, and Playwriting. I also have one Filipino elective which happens to fall under the last category (MP174: Pagsulat ng Drama). So basically, it's all about the personal essays, short stories, novels, and plays for me this sem. It isn't supposed to be something new, given that I've been taking up other majors for the last three semesters or so, but it's just surreal that I'm actually at this point right now, where they're all happening at the same time, where I don't only analyze and read through them but actually create them. It's mind-boggling, really.

What excites me and stresses me out is the whole creative process. Unbeknown to some probably, writing takes gargantuan effort. It is really more than just getting your fingers to move across the keyboard and polishing your grammar -- it requires putting yourself inside someone else's head and building (and sustaining) tension for more than a few pages. Now imagine doing that for four subjects. It's insane, really. I know I all have these stories going on in my mind, but the challenge is in making them interesting enough for other people to actually enjoy.

Which probably explains why I'm slowly getting more caught up in the imaginary world and slowly losing touch of this semi-actual world aka The Internet. Sometimes, the world as it happens inside my head is really just more interesting than (virtual) reality.

(Oh God, I sound like such a freak.)