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Blanket of cloud, the sky hovering.

You melt your doubt
and fall into me
I find your mouth
and try to hold it

You blame your love
I know it's harmless
But we're both wise
for falling

- Window Bird by Stars

Sometimes, it really doesn't need too much words. Just plunging head first into it speaks volumes on how special it means, but still wading through despite it all is so much more telling of how this time it's different, how this one you really want to last. It's a scary ride, it's not devoid of conflict and recklessness. But it's also a comforting flight: a departure from the chaos, an arrival to a welcome pattern. The yielding to the vulnerability is what makes this, us, a bravery. At the end of the day, it's not the fear of pain or hurt that remains, it's this longing, wanting, yearning that never goes away.


Window Bird is such a pretty song. Amy Millan's haunting voice plus the surprising dip down the refrain (which still gets to me) add to its honesty and charm. It always reminds me of hugs and snuggles and warm, cozy feelings. And a sudden longing for Peppermint Mocha.