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I am a sort-of published writer now?

Dear Karla,

Your recent submission to Teen Ink has been posted on Teen Ink, our website of teen-generated poetry, fiction, articles, reviews, opinions, artwork, and more. Teen Ink allows you and others to rate work, provide feedback, and share stories with friends and family.

On our website, the highest-rated stories in each section are prominently displayed on the home page and elsewhere. Your work could be among them, so vote often and send the link to your friends and family and ask them to vote too. (Up to one vote per article per day.)

That was an email I got from TeenInk just this morning.

I am beyond ecstatic about this, really. The story I wrote just a few days ago was something I did in like ten minutes, it was really one of those surprising, random bouts of "creativity" (aka sleeplessness). I just thought of submitting it somewhere because it might seem like fun. It was something on the fly, I didn't really think anything would happen about it. It's funny how this surprises me at a time when I'm really, seriously doubting my writing (insert insecurities -- acads are suddenly pressuring me right now) to give me something to smile about :)

Actually, I noticed the website got the time wrong (5 minutes lang yung nakalagay hindi 10!) but nonetheless, IT'S OUT THERE! :) Please help me and vote for it if you like it; as the email they sent me said, the more votes it gets the higher chances of it being on their homepage and on the actual magazine are.

Click here to vote for it.

I am hyperventilating as I type. Kthxbye. :">