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A 2010 self-portrait in telegrams.

Dear January stop never get enough stop she's the sweetest drug stop you know this much is true

Dearest February stop roses are red comma she was wearing a dress stop in backseat of the car comma a girl said yes

Dear Summer stop porkchop with Heinz and Viva Venezia pizza are best shared with someone who can explain dynamics of refrigerator

Dear June stop run Forrest run

Dear July August September stop stress factory has gone back to work stop insomnia creeps in stop you stare at ceiling or blinking cursor until words arrive stop I'm alive

Dearest October stop nineteen years old stop last teen year stop you still look sixteen stop that's always a good thing

Dear November stop start of new semester stop you seem fazed stop carry on

Dear December stop things to smile about do not seem to end

Dear Rolfe stop don't stop your Liesl