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Back to regular programming.

School started today. Just a few days after welcoming the new year, the reality of going back to UP again kicks in quicker than the fireworks vanishing into the darkness. As much as I would like to keep my eyes glued shut and my thoughts fixed on fancy, I had to peel myself off the bed this morning and pick up the pieces from where we left off: midterms to submit, stories to write, plays to construct -- oh, hello second semester.

And oh yeah, hello 2011.

I noticed I've been seeming so indifferent to the new year these last few days, maybe due to the fact that I'm (already) a (half)jaded 19-year-old girl who never really made a big deal out of resolutions and obligatory beginnings just because of a date, but most probably due to acads.

But albeit my less-than-spectacular welcome, there are actually quite a lot of things to look forward to this year that I am particularly excited about. 2010 has been, without a doubt, such a great year for me physically, academically, mentally, emotionally - the whole deal, really. I know I've probably milked this simile too many times, but it really just came to me like a quiet, little surprise: unexpected and yet every bit as delightful. It was so easygoing; so effortless in its small, hushed charm. More than anything, it was the year I finally felt adjusted, affirmed, and appreciated -- something I've long been wanting to feel since this big, dramatic changed happened, aka college. And for that, I am truly grateful.

But then begs the question, what awaits me after this comfortable snuggling with familiarity and normalcy? Already the possibilities of 2011 are glaring me in the eye: it's the end of my junior year. The first anniversary. The last summer of college. The beginning of senior year. Graduation picture taking. And probably the most nerve-wracking of them all: The Law Aptitude Examinations (for UP and Ateneo).

So I brush off my worries and anxieties by immediately throwing myself back into schoolwork and course requirements, I push these thoughts to the back of my head in hopes of calming down the nerves. There really is nothing I could do about it right now, after all, other than to cross my fingers.. and wait. (Which is not always my strongest point, but given that I have no choice, maybe it's time for me to hone my patience-lengthening skills.) And when the moments finally do come, I hope for nothing more but the graciousness to take them all on in the most awesome way possible.

I know I am rambling and not particularly coherent but I'm truly excited about this year. I hope you turn out to be a wonderful surprise, 2011. Until then, let me go bury my head in my books and bite my nails in anticipation.