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I like you when you take off your face

You put away all your teeth
And take us way underneath
'Cause you could die if you take it alone

I watch you taste it
I see your face
And I know I'm alive
You're shooting stars
From the barrel of your eyes
And it drives me crazy
Just drives me wild

- Beauty School by Deftones

In the movie of my life inside my head, this song would definitely be playing in the background in the epic, passionate scene in slow motion. (Because "Sextape" would be the soundtrack of the antecedent makeout scene.) What a beautiful, honest song this is about getting through all the walls, finding the beauty in the rawness of a person; don't we all wish someone felt this way about us?

Deftones nails the meeting of the sensual/violent, the beautiful/sad, the haunting/hopeful. Their album Diamond Eyes is the proof of that. My heart breaks that I'll be missing their concert on February 12.