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Misplaced Baggage.

It's the working title of my play for CW130.

A short summary: Charlie wants to move out of her parents' house as soon as possible because at twenty-six, she feels suffocated and stuck in a rut. In the middle of the night, she rushes up to the attic to look for her missing suitcase, only to stumble upon her childhood crush, a rockstar in all his cardboard-cutout glory. They start to talk about things in the past as they become nostalgic over the things she finds in the attic.

I took the unrealistic, a-bit-absurd approach because I was hoping its highly improbable plot would underline the contrast, bringing about something honest and truthful about the human condition: we let a lot of the baggage in our past still weigh us down. By bringing in a character who is not exactly the lead's doppelganger or mirror but as someone she likes enough to trust while being, to some extent, still a stranger willing to easily point out her faults, I wanted her to try making sense of the things going on in her mind and in her life in an external manner. Which in this case took the form of a former rockstar idol.

Trust me, this is light years away from my original story concept pitch. The road to shaping this one up was bumpy and slow, but I'm actually quite happy with it now. It's my first time to write with an unrealistic twist; I'm surprised it came out less difficult than what I expected.

Dr. Juan is probably one of the best professors I've had so far in UP and despite the constant anxiety attacks brought upon by our meetings, I want to deserve being in his class. I honestly enjoy CW130 even if it stresses me out. Sure there is always that fear of one's pride being crushed down to pieces as he tears down a play, but nothing compares to a silent little nod of affirmation from him.

Submission of the revised draft tomorrow. I bite my nails with unease.

Lights out. Exit stage left.


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