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Two weeks notice.

You feel this tidal wave of change approaching and you are all sorts of nervous, anxious, and excited. It's never easy to deal with the aftermath of any kind of change, especially the abrupt kind. Like in most things in your life, you like change to be nice and slow: a gentle transition to slowly usher you into a new place. But then again, that never really happens. Things veer away in various speeds, some barely noticeable while others at a rate faster than your mobile broadband, but regardless they all add up and you just suddenly wake up to a new place you barely even recognize. You close our eyes and wish the deviating just stops but does it ever?

The universe is always up to something, you eventually realize. It will find ways to jolt you and get you going even before you've nestled comfortably with what has been given. You open your eyes to find another surprise staring at you, begging the question: can you handle more? More often than not, another change is a complete nuisance. On any other day you would've said no, mumbling an excuse of how you can manage, while silently wishing things to have turned out the other way.

But for that moment you know that that change was the one thing you needed. You look at it in the eye. You cannot wait. The countdown begins.