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Of cheesiness and/or bitterness.

People overusing the "less than" sign and the number 3. Friends exuding the aroma of dark, black coffee. Teddy bears shooting up in sales. Beer and alcohol shooting up in sales, following the rejection of aforementioned teddy bears. The repressed cheese trying to break down the walls of my amygdala in an attempt to flood the rest of my brain with its virus. Yep, it's that time of the year.<br /> <div><div><br /> </div></div><div><div>Unlike the few who revel in its celebration, and the many who look forward to its end, I never really attached myself to Valentine's enough to warrant a strong opinion on it. Sure, flowers may have been sent my way a couple of times before, and yes, I have experienced going through this day (literally and figuratively) alone, but I haven't really felt like I belonged to any one side of the social spectra this so-called holiday has divided us into. I was never the bitter, crying-in-one-corner-while-I-contemplate-on-jumping-off-a-cliff kind of girl and I shudder at the thought of being over-the-top mushy. It just isn't <i>that</i> big a deal for me. I'm the girl in the middle. The only thing I look forward to on February 14, really, is having an excuse to rape the replay button of the acoustic version of Panic! At The Disco's "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" on Youtube.</div></div><div><br /> </div><div>Being someone's Girl<i>nospace</i>friend somewhat thrusts you over to the "Must Celebrate and Be Romantic" side, however. Society coerces me into thinking that I <i>should</i> receive flowers, I <i>should</i> eat at an expensive restaurant, I <i>should </i>expect a surprise inside a cake or at the bottom of the champagne glass. But I won't. And I realize, in a relationship or not, Valentine's Day doesn't change its effect on me. I'm still in the middle ground. It's still just a day. A Monday. In fact, he has an exam tonight. I have an exam and a paper due tomorrow. The world doesn't stop on February 14. </div><div><br /> But that doesn't mean I didn't add a couple of more asterisks to a particular emoticon or that I detest seeing any hearts today. That doesn't mean we won't see each other today to prove we're not <i>that</i> kind of couple. That doesn't mean I can't close my eyes and hope for an extra tight hug at the end of the day. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the thought this holiday is really pushing for. Any day that makes people feel more grateful for having someone is not a bad day at all for me.</div><div><br /> </div><div>Maybe Valentine's is not about the flowers you get or the expensive dinner you eat. Maybe it's not about hating on the guys who didn't call. Maybe it's not even about your relationship status. Unlike most other holidays, Valentine's Day is fastened on such a human emotion. It's not about your god, or your country. <i>It's about you</i>: how you feel, where you are, what you want. Maybe for that alone, it should be a cause for celebration. Because for all 365 days of your busy year, this one forces you to look at yourself and think about where life has brought you. It's either you end up feeling thankful for having someone to hold your hand or you appreciate your independence (and awesome set of friends)- I think both ends are perfectly alright.</div><div><br /> </div><div>Here's to hoping your Facebook news feed gets just the right amount of cheesy and bitter today. Nobody wants overkill. Happy Valentine's!</div>