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Death March.

Appropriate description for how this month has been turning up so far.

Just to give you guys an idea of what (else) is taking up most of my time for the last few weeks and will continue to do so in the couple of days ahead:
  • CW130 (Playwriting) final staged reading. Our event is on Monday already and getting actors is stressing me out. (Btw, free admission; you guys can come watch, if you want!)
  • MP174 (Pagsulat ng Dula) final draft submission/approval and final performance.
  • CW111 (Fiction) final short story draft
  • CW140 (Creative Nonfiction) final compilation of revised drafts for informative essay, opinion essay, travel essay, and memoir
  • Eng22 (British Lit) final project on Austen's Sense and Sensibility
So far, only my Philo150 (Epistemology) has been officially crossed out from my list of things to worry about this semester, but already for that, I am very grateful. Nonetheless, there's still A LOT more to go and I'm guessing it will be quite a while before I can throw my papers up in the air finally scream adieu to this sem. (Not that I can't do that right now, but I still have enough guilt inside me to stop me from doing so.)

On the brighter side, I got an incredible surprise from the CRS - I was enlisted in a much-sought-after PE that had a demand of almost two hundred and slots for only twenty five! I have literally dreamt of taking this PE since first year, and I am beyond ecstatic that I got it FINALLY. The universe wanted this to happen! (I think!) What it is, I'll let you know soon enough. Let's just say it's bound to make my summer really sizzling...

Second sem, please just end already.