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On my fully-booked bedside table.

Pun intended.

As if my bookshelves couldn't contain any more. My books are what's keeping me sane right now - they provide a welcome distraction to my otherwise mess of a life. Don't they always? Anyway, lately, I've been buying a lot of books that (1) of course, I want and (2) are on The Daunting List of Books in Philippine Literature in English That Every Creative Writing Major Should Read Before She Dies/Attempts To Do Her Thesis. Mostly the latter because next semester, I'm going to be a senior (!!!) and as a pre-thesis requirement we are to take CW199, a subject which requires us to read around a hundred books/selections from the Philippine literary scene. Even for a bookworm like me, it still feels extremely overwhelming. And from the "horror stories" I've heard so far about this subject, it's something we cannot afford to not take seriously (i.e. It has a significant effect on our would-be graduating status.) But so far, I'm enjoying what I've bought so far (mostly short story anthologies) and I'm really not complaining - yet.

At least it's my bookshelf gaining weight and not me. Ha!

Books Under Category Number (1)
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. This is the book that will officially take away my Tolstoy virginity. And I have no qualms - I need no protection. I love it. It's the one. :))
  • No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July. A collection of short stories which I have already spoken about here.
  • Homewreckers: An Adultery Reader edited by Daphne Gottlieb. A short story collection (again) on the thrills and heartaches of illicit love affairs. The first of its kind, I believe. I got this at Book Sale in Festival Mall last week for Php 90 only.
  • Taming The Beast by Emily Maguire. I got this for Php75 at Book Sale MOA whereas I found it before for around Php600+ (if I remember correctly) at Fully Booked. It is a tale of innocence and obsession; kind of like a modern Lolita, which is one of my favorite books ever.
  • Tales From The Scale edited by Erin J. Shea. Another collection of stories about weight issues on women; it's a material I can gather some resources on for the rewriting of my play for my Filipino playwriting class, which tackles weight obsession.
Books Under Category Number (2)
  • The Bread of Salt and Other Stories and A Season of Grace by NVM Gonzales. "The Bread of Salt" will always be one of my favorite local short stories. Sure, it is considered the local version of James Joyce's "Araby" but there is a je ne sais quoi about it that makes it all the more endearing, and therefore, more heartbreaking. Hmm, maybe it's the sudden craving for pan de sal it subconsciously brings upon?
  • Womenagerie and Twisted by Jessica Zafra. I still believe that she will one day rule the universe. She makes literary geek-ery so cool - and relevant.
  • America Is In The Heart by Carlos Bulosan
  • Prose and Poems by Nick Joaquin
  • Killing Time In A Warm Place by Jose Dalisay, Jr. Sir Butch will always, always be on my list of the best professors I've had in UP.
  • The Gilda Cordero Fernando Sampler. GCF is awesome. Is there anything she cannot do?
  • The Distance to Andromeda by Gregorio Brillantes. A collection of short stories which my current Fiction professor keeps bringing up.

Yes, I am seriously judging anyone who complains about their 30-paged required readings.

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