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I'm not a fan of the word "forever" - I don't like using it in my essays, stories, and even my very few (and lame) attempts at poetry on secret parts of my notebooks and/or scratch papers. The last time I used it as a punctuation to an excessive sense of emotion was for my (still undying, albeit now more quiet) love for Nathan Scott, the character from One Tree Hill I unabashedly obsessed over. Other than that, I'm afraid it hasn't found my way into my regular "serious" vocabulary since.

"Forever" requires - no, more like compels - a certain kind of commitment: that of a lifetime. Forever. Eternity. For all of time. It's supposed to be held in esteem, I suppose, and I guess there's nobility in that, especially for relationships (not necessarily romantic) that truly value "forever" and stick to it. But what I don't like is how after the unexpected "expiration" of the word, it gets blatantly rebuked and upbraided. "I thought you said forever! What happened to our forever!?" - aside from the very obvious melodramatic overtones, I hate that no matter how true the sentiment behind these statements may be, well, it was founded on unrealistic grounds. Really? You expected someone to stay with you for all of time and not stop loving you? Really?

It's not that I'm such a jaded, cynical bitch who feels deprived and unloved. My parents still adore each other after 28 years of being boyfriend-girlfriend/husband-wife (HAHA) and I have a boy I can attach the suffix "-friend" to with no spaces whom I love with all my heart and soul shoes (*moment of cheese*). But I don't know, I'm just not comfortable with the whole idea of it. I don't like pushing someone or something towards that expectation when in all likelihood, it's going to be (not impossible but) very difficult to uphold.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is for me to consider anything as worthy of my "forever" is definitely something. But right now, I've just affirmed my conviction that yes, indeed, despite my pretty logical line of reasoning, there is one thing I am willing to believe in; there is something I am willing to hold on to for all of eternity.

Forever 21.

Yes my mom and I went to the opening of Forever 21 at SM Makati today and the whole time I was trying to control my hyperventilation. I've only been to the Megamall branch about three times before (the first time was on my 19th birthday) and to say that it was a delight would be the biggest understatement of the century. Just looking at the accessories rack with all those earrings- ahhhh, don't get me started on the gushing. (Let's just say that their big hoop earrings, flirty floral finds and reasonably priced tanks get me weak in the knees.)

Unfortunately, it's too out of the way for me because we live in the South so trips to this store were reserved for special occasions and planned in advance. So imagine my surprise when one particularly sullen Friday afternoon, as I descended the escalator of SM Makati to meet up with my mom (we usually meet up at the Ayala station so we could have dinner with my dad and go back to Paranaque together), this huge gigantic poster of the unmistakable brand welcomed me like a long lost child. It was love at first, second, third, every sight. They were everywhere and it required herculean effort to conceal my squeals. Every Friday since then, we've anticipated its opening and finally, finally - it was here! Now my Fridays are just about to get a little bit sweeter.

I'll probably post pictures of some of my purchases soon (particularly my earrings) because I figured it wouldn't be too bad to share and quite frankly, this blog deserves a break from its usual text-heavy style.

In the meantime, allow me to reconsider my stand on the "F" word while I look adoringly at my new dress.