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Bring me closer to heart attack.

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Isn't it thrilling how one person, one man, one stranger, can put into music the complexities of the sentiments you thought you were going through alone? How can words coming from a person you've never met sum up the entire spectrum of feelings you've attached to parts of yourself no one else knows? How is it possible that amidst the sea of faces and crowded arms, you feel like it's only you and him engulfed in the music, like a secret only you two share?

There is a reason why this band, and particularly that man, will always have a place in my life. Through my roughest times and my best moments, it's them I come running home to after all the tears and the sighs. It was She Will Be Loved that I cried to on the piano when everything else was falling apart, it was Songs About Jane that I played endlessly on my iPod when things started to shift gears before I even got the chance to admit that they were. In fact, all of their albums I've listened to from beginning to end, and there is just no way a Maroon 5 song won't be appropriate for any kind of feeling or situation in my life.

Thank you, Adam Levine, for gracing us with your hotness. Thank you, James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael, Michael Madden, and Matt Flynn, for leaving us an incredible experience. And thank you, Maroon 5, for making me feel loved. Last night, and always.

How does it feel to know you never have to be alone when you come home?