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Thank you, Stache Magazine!

A short story of mine, "In Her White Dress," has been featured on Stache Magazine's All-Art April 2011 issue - and it's such a thrill! I only found out about it today because honestly, as soon as I submit anything, be it for features or acads, I try to get it off my mind as quickly as I possibly can lest it gets me up all night worrying about typos, mistakes, could-have-beens, should-have-beens. I'm glad it turned out well - and on the pages of this magazine! (Which, might I add, has exponentially been gaining a mass of followers.) To be featured on the Art Issue makes me feel truly ecstatic because the entire issue is filled to the brim with works of very talented artists, designers, writers, and musicians - they are all so inspiring, and it's unbelievable to have a work of mine placed alongside all of them :) The PDF copy is available for free on their website - I hope you get your copies! The whole thing is quite a treat, really.

Thanks again, Stache! Special mention to my friend, Ayiene, who is the website editor. You guys have done a truly awesome job! Keep inspiring the youth! :)