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Gone for the summer.

The summer of 2011 has been a pleasant surprise. I was expecting a rather uneventful and acads-filled two months mainly because of summer class (my choice, really, but still) accompanied by a rather warranted sense of lethargy brought upon by the intense heat. To me, summer does not bring about images of sand between my toes and the glistening sea; it's usually just the dread of cougar-age temperatures in Celsius and the anticipation for lazy afternoon naps. There's the usual out-of-the-country trip with the family, but other than those four or five days (sometimes a week or more), the rest of vacation is usually spent mainly on what I'm ashamed to admit I do best: bumming around.

But much to my surprise (and amusement, of course), I'm glad to say that I've spent most of my summer without my laptop - or rather, I've gone on days without it. Which means I've actually stepped out of my house, went someplace else (that is not virtual) and had actual stories to tell about how my day(s) went. And I've put my nifty little point-and-shoot camera to good use. I am so proud of myself, really.

Which is not to say that from now on I'm going to live life without the Internet. God knows that is not possible. But then again, at least I'd be able to say that I've spent the last few weeks of my summer doing stuff I could write about, not doing stuff just so I could blog about them. So, allow me, for the next couple of posts or so, to share with you how my summer went: from striptease recital, to beaches, to racing, to Disneyland. It all happened so quickly and I have yet to recover, but am I glad - tan lines, sunburn, and all :)

(Just so you know, I'm listening to Teen Daze as I write this; ironic, I know, listening to them as the summer ends AND writing about summer on the last day of May, but hey it's all about perspective, and who's to say I can't cap off my summer like this?)