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The heavens are on my side.

I was supposed to go to UP extra early today because I was to research at the library for related literature I could use for my thesis' critical introductory paper. On mornings like this (when I really need to do something despite my exhaustion and/or laziness) I usually go on auto-pilot, with my feet automatically being dragged to the kitchen, toasting my bread or getting my peanut butter or whatever, reaching for the remote of the TV to keep me awake, and pulling out a jug of water from the fridge. By the time I've taken a bite out of my freshly prepared peanut-butter toast, I noticed my cellphone vibrating from underneath my pillow and figured it might be my mother calling. Turns out, it was the merciful gods of scholarly endeavors giving me the thing I needed the most.

(Actually, it was really just Ria, and a couple of other friends doing the text brigade.)

I've almost forgotten the feeling of anticipating for a suspension of classes ever since college began - DepEd and PAGASA announcements no longer excite me like they once did the moment I stepped into "the real world" (aka the world after high school) and felt for myself the prejudice against the most stressed-out members of the student population. Never mind that we do not have the advantage of school buses or Dad's car, never mind that we have books and photocopied readings to protect and prioritize under our umbrellas, never mind that the universities we now go to turn into a soggy, flooded, gloomy microcosm of the sorry state of the entire metro - no. We are older, we are wiser. We are mature enough to brave the storms of Finals week, hell, we should be able to wade through the literal ones too. (I guess this is the part where we decry our so-called independence, huh? "We're not waterproof!" is the battle cry.)

But today, something short of a miracle occurred, and with gray skies still looming, it's safe to say that today, Friday, 24th of June, students from the University of the Philippines are licensed to borrow a line from Maroon 5 and never, ever leave their beds.

It's a very welcome feeling, this legitimate staying-under-the-covers feeling. Despite the overwhelming sense of superiority brought upon by one's personal choice to cut classes because of sloth, there's still nothing more relieving than staying in bed because you really don't have to. The weight of a resolved mind is nothing compared to the lightness of a guilt-free conscience.

Also, for the last couple of days I've been feeling awful thanks to colds, cough, and headache. I'm guessing they're all caused by the abrupt changes in temperature coupled by the stress due in large part to academics which severely aggravated the colds, cough, and headache all the more. It's a vicious cycle. I kinda need this break.

So in short, I am still under a sea of bed covers, with my stuffed elephant by my side and box of tissue on the other. I should be doing something productive now, I really should. But the library is two jeepney rides away, and my head is conveniently parked on this pillow. The rain is still pouring heavily outside and there is no way I can leave the dorm without getting any part of my body drenched. My body (and ultimately, the universe) has decided - I guess I'm not going anywhere today. Thank you, heavens.