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Senior citizen.

Since yesterday afternoon, I have been officially enrolled as a college senior.

That sentence has a lot of weight. Just saying it out loud (and/or typing it down) sounds so surreal - not just because I still cannot wrap my head around the idea that I am already in my fourth year, but also because before I was able to finally get my Form 5 and consider myself an eligible student for the incoming semester, I had to wait in line for hours, panic about what subjects to choose, lose patience over the system, walk back and forth between very hot and humid buildings despite heavy rainfall, use my charms to the highest (and most desperate) extent, and beg and almost sell my kidney for a slot - just so I could complete the fifteen units I needed. And all this while having an acid reflux. Talk about stressful.

This week was yet another proof that it takes both luck AND ingenuity to survive enrollment in UP - and everything else, actually.

School starts next week. I am in denial.