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Summer, part 4: The wild side.

Our Striptease Aerobics class had our "mini-recital" on the last day of summer classes. For about three to four days, we mashed up our routines and choreographed our steps for our group presentations, with our polos in hand and hair cascading down our shoulders. It wasn't exactly an R-18 kind of show, of course, but let's just say it was sexy enough to raise the temperature with our hips swaying in tune to a trusty R&B gapang song. :>

But seriously, it really was the best, most empowering PE class I've ever taken - the last time I've felt this confident about myself was about ten pounds ago. I wouldn't mind taking this again and again, even if I didn't have to. The best part was convincing myself that I could pull off puta red lipstick, after all! - just not for everyday purposes, though.