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The things I carry

Phone, keys, umbrella, coins, I.D. (picture with red background), pens, more pens, colored pens, a highlighter (in pink), The Likhaan Book of Philippine Literature, notebooks, paper, letters, sentences, thoughts: like the color of your shirt or what you ate for breakfast, MRT card, hairpins, the scent of your hair, perfume, tissue, handkerchief, tears of all kinds (for laughing and also crying but I don't fancy that kind), smiles fake and otherwise, camera, iPod, speakers, earphones, the sound of crisply folded letters being opened from dark pockets, wallet, SM Advantage Card, receipts, tickets, your fingerprints on the tickets (you bought them for me), your hands on my cheeks, the heat, a jacket, a scarf, a cold biting fear of the unknown, a compromise, a resolution, envelopes, folders, readings, theories, Post-structuralism, binary oppositions: black and white, one and zero, antonyms and synonyms, the way we both lean in after the door is closed, open-minded view on things, more coins, band-aids, lipstick, the day we both stopped hating the red light, lime, line, life, lib, alliterations, a list of things to not forget, the way you said Me too the day you sat behind me after I said I've never tried this before.