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I'm still alive, actually.

It's Quezon City day today, which means for the first time in a long time, I once again get a much-needed break. Allow me to stretch my arms and yawn and relish in the moment of still being in bed at this time of day - aaaaaaaaaaahhh. There.

This month has turned out to be the most stressful in the semester so far. (And I'm sure it's just bound to get busier.) I have been extremely occupied with so many things, with my thesis in particular. It's taking up so much of me, not just my time but even my mental state - just the thought that it's here, waiting to be finished, demanding to be perfect - daunts me. I also still have a teleplay to rewrite, a take home exam to answer, a report to make, and a screenplay to formulate. Yes, hello permanent eye-bagahe.

I'm so exhausted, really. I'm tired from all the writing I have to do, which really takes a toll on me physically and mentally and emotionally. But then, that's something I have to do as a part of my course. It's a given, so I suppose it's a kind of pain I've gotten used to. What I'm more concerned about is the feeling that this weariness is trickling down on everything else, leaving me discontented and miserable even in the littlest of things. It's a vicious cycle of feeling bad and getting tired.

But silver linings are what keeps me together and yesterday, I found one in Incubus. Thank goodness for songs that find their way to me when I most need them to. There's nothing more comforting than knowing that your being messed up is congruent with someone else's.

"What's wrong with you is good
For what's wrong with me
And I think maybe we should stick together
Because in the end, we are friends and lovers."

All will be well soon. Oh look, sleep is still beckoning. I cannot refuse.