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Why, hello there, October.

So it's the first day of October and I'm feeling particularly cheery, despite the probable presence of another storm (literally) raining on my parade. Nothing spectacular has happened to me, really, and in fact, I think I may have gotten myself buried deeper in a truckload of requirements thanks to the recent class suspensions. I'm supposed to be panicking and not having the time to even think about anything other than literary theory and epistolary history.

But it's the first of the month, and that always marks something to smile about: a reminder that the semester is finally coming to a close, the months are adding up to assure me that everything is going strong, the year is reminding me we're getting nearer to yet another end - it's always a welcome guest, the first day. Always.

It also signals twenty five more days to go before my birthday. I'm turning twenty in a few weeks, and I have to admit - I'm kinda scared to let the raging teenage hormones go.

So hi, October. Fancy having you around, finally.