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The last week or so.

The week of October 26th (and the few days after) had been quite exceptional.

I went out with my family on the 26th. Had an extremely funny mall-hopping date with The Boyfriend on the 27th. Held a Rockband/Just Dance/Karaoke party at my house with my college friends on the 28th. Went out for drinks at BF with my high school friends on the 29th. Ate dinner out with my parents on the 30th. Scoured the stalls of 168 with my mom, aunt, and lola on the 31st.

Then I got sick on November 1st and skipped going to the cemetery. Stuffed my face with pizza and liempo instead. Lounged around mostly in bed on the 2nd. And got myself in full battle mode for enrollment on the 3rd.

I am now officially a twenty-year-old enrolled for what would (hopefully!) be my last semester in college.

Oh, what change a week can bring.