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Being a Creative Writ-Eng'g student.

They say most people today are always a half, a quarter, a part-something. Half-American. Half-Chinese. One-fourth Norwegian. Fifty percent blue-eyed. Twenty percent with hitchhiker's thumb; recessive gene. You get the idea. My parents are full-blooded Filipino, I was born and raised in Manila, and I have no significant clarifications regarding the pronunciation of my surname. I have always been a 100% something for most of the things in my life, and I had no intention of having it otherwise - or so I thought.

Looking back, I think I have spent almost half of my stay in UP with my heart leaning a little bit towards one college in particular, in that one building that's all the way on the other side of the Acad Oval. Not that I have ever considered shifting - God, no. I love my course and my department too much to even think about belonging someplace else. In fact, if only I could have taken more electives, I would have signed up for at least one class in every department in our college. I love CAL, I really do.

But I love more people outside CAL, and quite honestly, they all belong to one place, that of angas, intellect, and moneyed alumni: the College of Engineering.

Half of my barkada is comprised of students from Eng'g (or who used to be from Eng'g). Several of my previous crushes (emphasis on previous!) were from Eng'g. My first friends outside my barkada were also from Eng'g.

I've had a lot of people come up to me and ask if I already shifted to Eng'g. That's because I spend quite a hefty amount of time either with Eng'g students or being in places associated with them. I do have my own affairs inside my college, but more often than not, I feel like I've been adopted by affiliation.

It comes as no surprise then that I spent the last school week of the year practically loitering around Melchor Hall again. After all, it was Engineering Week, and who's to say I can't be a part of it?

Karla, Andee, and Ria being vain as usual

Spot Miss ERG! Gwapo by day, chicks by night!

Someone is being molested in this photo.

ERG people!

On the Eng'g Steps is the place to be.

Spotted at the Lantern Parade! A rare Pokemon!

Before Ms. Eng'g

At the ERG home front!

Behind-the-scenes at Ms. Eng'g
Ms ERG with his (her?) "Mommies"

Eng'g Week has always been magical for me - from the epic org-bashing Smokers Night, to the concluding battle of beauty/kapogian Ms. Engineering, and everything else in between. It's where friendships are sealed and affections are affirmed. The promise of a better second semester lies in the secrets that unravel in the midst of Eng'g Week - well that's what's happened to me, at least. While this year held no surprises, it was still particularly special for it was my last as an undergrad. I spent it with my friends, just like I always did, and I couldn't have had it any other way. I am really, truly hoping this won't be my last as a UP student ;)

And so, to the College of Engineering, thank you for making me feel like a part of you. For the memories, for the friends, for the love - I owe you big time, Eng'g. Here's to you!

(photo credit: Ria Esguerra)