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Now drive me far away, away, away

Listening to Deftones on a cool Monday afternoon while attempting to write a news article, reading about Rizal and the revolution, watching an impeachment trial, trying to review for math and logic for an upcoming (very major, life-altering) exam, wondering about the future.

And all I can think of right now is I just want to get away.

It doesn't help that Chino Moreno's voice makes your hormones want to rage with someone. Look through all the comments on their videos on YouTube and you'll see how people have classified their music as, to be very decorous about it, passionate. In a perfect world, all the hooking up scenes (in film or otherwise) would have Deftones playing in the background.

It feels good to know you're mine
Now drive me far away, away, away
I don't care where just far away.