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(Sorry naman, Paint lang!)

I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN MY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW. It's been a good six hours since I first got a call from my friend saying that the results were out, and still the urge to hyperventilate lingers. I was literally jumping and screaming before and after clicking the link - I swear, if I could I would've run out of my unit and shouted up and down the hall! I panic-called my mom, my dad, the boyfriend, my grandmother, and lots of friends in succession. Or rather, they panic-called me, and for a moment none of them could get through because of the influx of calls and texts. Then my wall and feeds suddenly got flooded with links and greets. It was a riot! Everyone was screaming, literally or virtually! It was like passing the UPCAT all over again - just a hundred times better ♥ Thank you, Lord! And the universe, the cosmos, the divine - all you who conspired for this to happen!

I am so grateful. I cannot be more thankful for the people who showed me their love before the exam, in the days leading up to it, and during the entire wait. Seriously, the pressure was intense. But the exhilaration after all that is so worth it!

I passed the UP Law Aptitude Exam!
I can't wait for the next four years \:D/

UP, hindi pa talaga tayo tapos. Matagal pa tayong magmamahalan.


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