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Summer, so far.

So in the last few weeks, I (1) have graduated from college which means I (2) have attended and held grad dinners and parties [read: ate a lot of food] in celebration of our right of passage, but which also means I (3) am now officially unemployed, though not for long because I (4) am soon to enter law school and is in fact secretly anticipating the torture about to come my way. Meanwhile, however, I (5) am enjoying the freedom I still have by relishing the fact that I (6) just got a student's license which means I (7) now have a legitimate ID that says I am indeed above eighteen years old [yes, it is always a problem for me, proving my age] but most importantly also means I (8) will be taking driving lessons soon - probably after we get back from Bangkok next week. In the meantime, I (9) am finishing an article for a small writing gig I just scored a few days ago, while looking for other furniture I can put in the new room I (10) just moved into.

So that has been my summer so far.

So hello, May. What else have you got up your sleeve?