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Low pressure area + high pressure environment

Been stuck indoors with my blockmates for the last few days now. I'm more than grateful that I have these guys with me to (1) keep me awake and studying when I'm feeling distracted, (2) distract me when the cases get too much to handle, and (3) just make me feel safe. While we're grateful for the suspension because it gave us more time to prepare for our Midterms (*dun dun dun*), it also meant higher expectations from our profs because we did have more time. Trying to stay awake in this kind of weather isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. But we're doing fine so far - it's better than being alone and fighting the battle by yourself.

The weather's getting better though. I hope everyone else is alright. And I hope we all find the time to help out in the relief operations. :)