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twenty-one years to an alphabet

anagrams, for distraction. as if arranging them differently would change what they mean. i, in rare. in air-raid deviant.
bacon, and bringing it home. bravery, a box of it. birthday candles to welcome a new year, not fireworks.
collusion, by the cosmos and a car. a city it is.
dark, and that which comes after it. #
endings, entrances. enlightenment entwined in exhaustion.
fears. of a five, a failure, forevers unrealized.
gravy fix.
how he met their mother, and other such jitters left untouched.
justiciable questions, or lack thereof.
kurls, an anticipation for new beginnings. krispy kreme, and the company of new friends.
learning. labels. love. law. loss, of all kinds.
montages of moments and memories, for when songs play in the background. mind games.
nomads, we all are. "we can't make homes out of human beings."
opening sequences to new episodes. oreos, as omens.
pancakes, of the blueberry variety. present tenses to past, future to present.
quietness, the kind carried around in hushed sighs and empty stares.
rage against the machine that took him away. resistance. reconciliation, or an attempt for one. red.
shooting stars, and the affirmation of quiet tuesday nights by the pool.
turning twenty-one. todays and tomorrows, tangential.
unfinished we are, uncertain i am, unfolding, it all is.
vagueness, vacancies, visions.
why. why me, why not me, why this, why now.
exits exist.
zoom out.


So.. hello, 21.