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Field trip

Last Tuesday, my friends and I went to the Supreme Court to listen to the oral arguments regarding the Anti-Cybercrime Law. It wasn't supposed to push through because we weren't able to get passes to secure us seats inside the session hall, but we ended up going anyway because we've never been to the SC before. The huge LCD screen in the lobby showing the real-time developments were good enough for us. We were in the halls of justice! And, for once, we actually understood what they were talking about - right to unreasonable searches and seizures, right to privacy, levels of scrutiny, etc. - proof that we are indeed learning somehow. (Thanks, Consti!)

I won't deny that it woke up something in me, something I thought had long been missing, something that needed to be reawakened.It's difficult, and it's not something I will love as much as creative writing, but damn it, I want to be a lawyer.