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First Five Times* with Stars

The first time, through a very good friend's blog. She wrote a story about You Ex-Lover Is Dead, at a time when I was finally coming to terms with the conclusion of an era. It was already several months into the new culture, but it had to take a good listen to this song before I said goodbye with finality. I knew, the moment I first heard it, that it would be the anthem that will get me through anything. Anything. Live through this, and you won't look back.

The second time, in Geog camp. A female classmate of mine, in between jokes and sips of what she thought was Sprite (but was actually vodka), shared One More Night with me, when she found out I was the only one in the room who has heard of the band. I nonchalantly said yes when she asked me if I wanted her to send the song to me that night, not knowing that it would be the soundtrack of many more nights after that. One more night, that was a good one.

The third time, in my first dorm room. I was alone, it was a humid Tuesday afternoon, and my internet had surprisingly not expired yet. So, I downloaded Heart (the album), and two hours later, I found myself incredibly overwhelmed by Heart (the song). Time can take its toll on the best of us; look at you, you're growing old so young.

The fourth time, after being introduced to a group of guy friends at a computer shop in a nearby condo. It was the fifth day of the year, I remember - in fact, I remember a lot of other things: from the high school PE shirt I wore to the flush on the cheeks with which I said good night, and to Look Up, playing on loop in my iPod, before I went to sleep. Your girl, she's a renegade; a hurricane that keeps you there, safe.

The fifth time, one rainy night in July. My Favourite Book. Shattered, but not lonely.

"...and everyday, it's changed since then." *

You've truly changed my life, in many ways. I can't wait to see you tomorrow, Stars.


* taken from "The First Five Times," from their album, Set Yourself On Fire.