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i'm a lover without a lover
i am lovely and lonely
and i belong deeply to myself

Hello, says my hair.



With my last grade this semester finally released, I guess it is now time to say I am officially done with my first year of law school.

The appropriate thing to do is to jump for joy and throw my readings in the air while shaking my belly like a bowl full of jelly*. And yes, I really want to do that, because HELL YES I SURVIVED SO SOMEBODY THROW SOME CONFETTI ON ME WILL YA.

But there's so much to say, and so little words that can do it justice. The year that was has been filled with tears, laughter, love, and loss - in varying degrees and intensities. But it has also left me feeling rather.. quiet. Stripped. Bare. Like there is nothing more I could say that my silence has not already said.

So here's to silences, and the infinite meanings they bring. And here's to the words, which are yet to return.


* a la Chandler Bing, from Season 7 Episode 10 of Friends. Yes, that's what's been taking up most of time lately. I love that show so much, okay. I can watch reruns forever.