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La Vie En Rose: Portia Induction Ball 2014

I had the privilege of being tasked to organize this ball for Portia's 81st anniversary (there's a long story behind it, but I'll save it for next time) and for most of the school year, I've been preoccupied with putting this entire plan into place - from scouting for venues to deciding which colors should go with the chairs. It's crazy - I didn't realize how much work goes into putting together an entire event, especially for an occasion so important. I've never had any experience about planning these kinds of things before, but I'd like to believe I handled it all pretty well. Couldn't have done it without the help of my sorority sisters (and my mom!) of course. If anything, knowing that I'd be able to make my sisses really happy is the one thing that kept me going during the most stressful moments.

Last night was a night of celebration. The theme was La Vie En Rose, which meant life through rose-colored glasses. I wanted us to acknowledge that despite whatever troubles and hostility life in law school may bring us, we will always be able to see the silver lining. Life is tough, and it's bound to hit us in the jugular every once in a while - but the important thing is to still see it as a mere challenge, as a blessing in disguise. There is always room for optimism, idealism, and growth. It is always in the most difficult of times that the truly excellent stand above the rest - because we see the beauty in despair, and we find the nobility of purpose in the muddle of chaos. 

I'm so glad everyone seemed to have a lovely time last night. Everything paid off, I must say. It was such a great honor preparing this Ball to cap off this year's Portia Week. ♥ What a way to hit restart and look forward to the remainder of the semester with so much hope.

Of course, the highlight of my night was having this incredibly dashing man as my date. It was Ludwin's birthday weekend, but he agreed to spend it with me. I actually asked him out to this ball last July, back when we only started going out -- breaking Barney Stinson's rule about not asking a person out for an event in the future that's longer than the time you've been dating. But I don't know, I guess when it's your crush of five years, you both throw all caution in the wind and just go for it? :)) No more mindgames.

I didn't have the traditional dances for my 18th birthday, and I've never gone to an actual prom with a date, so I have to admit that the deprived-giddy-high-school-girl in me was kilig beyond comprehension. Never in my twenty-two years did I imagine that I'd actually be looking forward to dancing with anyone for a formal occasion - let alone a cotillion.

But what do you know. For the last two weeks, I secretly couldn't wait to waltz along to the swelling of the violin strings. Guess it just takes one person to change everything.

P.S. 2008 Karla, you're very, very welcome.


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