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Summer, so far: Singapore

Last week, my mom, grandparents and I went MIA for a spontaneous week-long trip to Singapore. We've been planning to fly there for the longest time now, but I just couldn't find the time to squeeze it in given law school, my summer internship, and the then-undecided finality of the school calendar shift. A few weeks ago though, the cosmos aligned somehow and I managed to find a week-long respite - so of course, off we went! Also, my last Singapore trip was five years ago (can you believe 2009 was FIVE years ago?!), so I was "due" for a visit to my aunt, whom I terribly miss.

With our dear friend, Cookie Monster

Singapore has always been second-home to us. My mom's sister has worked as an architect in Singapore for most of the 90's and the latter part of the 00's (she was the over-all project manager of Universal Studios), so the Land of the Merlion has been our default go-to place for a vacation. Singapore is special because it's the first country I visited abroad (I was 2 years old when I first rode an airplane!), and it was the only other country I've been to for most of my childhood. Which is not to say I ever get tired of the place.

At the rooftop park of Vivo City, feeling like a 16-year-old fashion Tumblr blogger :))

It's refreshing visiting the place because there's always something new and exciting to look forward to every time I visit. Most people don't think that Singapore is a nice "summer getaway" destination because it's all city: completely urban, and no traces of nature. But that's what I really love about it too. I like being in the city - especially in a city as clean and as fascinating as Singapore. The transportation is efficient, the skyline is pristine, the famous spots are impressive (both in the technical and artistic fronts), and the people are great (because almost every other person there is Pinoy! Haha). Their culture fascinates me the most though, because Singapore is a melting pot of different races, with Chinese, South, and Southeast Asians residing the place.

In short, Singapore will always be special to me. And it was so great to be back there again, especially right now when I so badly needed a time to relax, unwind, and put things in perspective.

At the viewing deck of the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Can't wait to return next year in June, hopefully!


P.S. Forgive the #OOTD pictures. Minsan lang naman, haha.