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Lolo's girl

One of my fondest memories as a kid was reading the newspaper every night with my Dodo. I remember snuggling between him and my grandma while he reads the dailies before going to bed. He would point to a letter on the day's headlines, and I'd shout what it was. This was before I went to proper school: I was three years old, and not enrolled in nursery yet. But because my aunt was a teacher, and our fridge was filled with alphabet magnets, I knew my ABC's. It was our nightly ritual - him going over the headlines, me going over its letters. Over time, I would graduate to simple words like "oil" or "up" - words that didn't mean that much to me yet, but were almost always present in the front page.

We didn't stop there. When we would go out on weekends, he'd point to signs and words we'd see on the road when he's on the wheel. When we were stuck in traffic, he let me indulge in reading out sari-sari store names and bank branches. Roadtrips were never boring and heavy traffic never felt that long - for me, at least.

A lot of things have changed since - my lolo now reads his newspapers in the morning (because he's long been retired) and I've since graduated to reading novels and law books.

But I'm glad for the many things that still remained the way they were - how we'd both spend hours on the couch or on the bed, just reading until our eyes give up. I grew accustomed to the habit of keeping the bedside night lamp turned on, and falling asleep with the magazine or newspaper or book on my chest. Reading before bed became a habit; so did reading until dozing off.

Some people say it's bad for the eyes. But it's always been good for the mind - and the soul.

Thank you, Dodo, for teaching me how to read, and for teaching me to love it. It certainly changed my life in unfathomable ways - I'm glad it was you I first shared it with.

I don't think I've ever written about my lolo yet - so here goes. Happy Father's Day, Dodo! ♥ I love you!


And of course, happy father's day, Papa! :* Thank you for the great weekend - and all the other weekdays and weekends :)