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Today, in the compliments department

Today, in one of the e-mail exchanges I was having with a client over some discrepancies I corrected and resolved in his records, I received the most interesting compliment:


You are doing great. [...] You seem to be analytical and detail-oriented. Perhaps you should have been an Engineer like me."

Possible responses:

(a) I'm also very bad at math, sir.
(b) Sir, our house has room for only one engineer: my papa.
(c) I'm not analytical and detail-oriented, sir. Wait 'til you see... everything about my life, basically.
(d) May you please repeat that to my mom? Can you please tell her you said these very kind words? See, mom! I'm detail-oriented! To some people! Just not at home and not when it comes to other details like remembering to unplug stuff or bringing my keys!
(e) Interesting you point that out, sir. Let me show you the history of my life in UP and the friends I've made in Melchor Hall.
(f) I did the next best thing, sir. I'm currently dating one ;)
(g) Hehehe, thanks p0hwz.
(h) All of the above.

Actual response:

*vertical cursor still blinking*