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So that was summer

It's 11:35 pm, my first night back in Katipunan, with the rain pouring quite heavily outside, and somehow a part of me still can't believe that (that four-month) summer is over. Bakit ang bilis? D:

The last four months have been great  I've spent a lot of time with my family, met up with friends I haven't been seeing, learned a lot while working in a law firm, discovered what my mind and body were truly capable of, and rekindled my faith. I read a lot, and I wrote even more. I've traveled, and stayed put. Prayed, and gotten answered. Believed, and came out better.

I'm happy for the summer that was. It really was the kind of break I truly needed, and yes, deserved.


I just finished re-arranging my bookshelves and organizing my (new) study table - you know, the usual pre-war rituals I have to do in order to wean my way back into the academic groove. There's a certain kind of pleasure derived from cleaning out the old, and making space for something new. As messy as I am, I also get a thrill out of seeing my clutter, well, de-cluttered. I like seeing everything clean, and the fact that it was actually myself that put everything in place. Organizing my law school stuff makes me feel like I'm in control of my life in law school, at least momentarily. And it's a great feeling. It's a rush I look forward to; it's a rush I don't always get. 

In the midst of all the organizing though, I came across my undergraduate thesis and some old notebooks from a few years ago. As much as I miss (and love) college though, I'm surprised to find myself glad that all that is over. I was so young then, and at times, still so naive (naive because I didn't actually realize how naive I was. Ha.) There was still so much to learn — about sacrifice, and fulfillment, and love. Marred as I am by whatever life has thus far thrown me, I'm actually pleased to know that I came out unscathed, and I'd like to believe, a little wiser. There are things only struggle and time can teach you; and I've come to know now that wisdom is often a better gift than innocent joy.