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3 Fridays in One Week

a.k.a. The Week That Felt Like It Had 3 Fridays in a Row (and a Tuesday that felt like being in undergrad)

You know who loves silver linings and little surprises? Law students. When we learn about cancelled classes and anticipate long weekends, we celebrate like basketball champions short of lighting up a bonfire.


Last Wednesday, we were treated to a really fun and entertaining Succession class (prof was in a very good mood), and the added surprise of not having PIL right after. The Amber spaghetti our class ordered was serendipitous. Saktong pang-celebrate talaga eh!

Block D, as in Block "Tara, Dencio's tayo after!"  

The relieved and happy faces of people who just found out we have a few more days to read about the lighthouse and map cases! 

Them pretty gurlz of D2016

Now don't get me wrong: we genuinely enjoy PIL class, and we like our professor (who might be lurking in the Internet -- sir, just in case you find this, hi!). But of course, we're just ordinary sleep-deprived human beings; we can't deny that we relish the thought of free time. Always. 


A week ago, our Tax professor told us that we would not be having classes on September 12, as she'd be out of the country. And since Tax is our only class on Friday... *cue Ariana Grande's song* I GOT ONE LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT U. 

The girls had the brilliant idea of planning a karaoke night for Thursday to celebrate our Tax-free (hehe) Friday. 

And W O W, I don't think I've had that much fun with the block since... our first karaoke session in our first year. That was in 2012, two years ago! Oh my. "We were merely freshmen..." Haha! It was crazy fun, despite the absence of alcohol. Well, we didn't even need beer to just unleash our inner singing prowess! (Looking at you, Joan Cantos!) 

Official songs of the night: the phonetically incorrect Unconditionally by Katy Perry, and the forever #Abangers and #Tiwala anthem, The Tide Is High by Atomic Kitten.

The tide is high, but we're holding onnnn


My law school love and soulmate, Clarisse, celebrated her birthday last Monday (September 8) but she decided to schedule her treat yesterday, so that we can all bring along our plus-ones.

It was my first time at the "new" Tomato Kick (which is along Malingap St. now), and I found myself in awe of two things: (1) That it literally is a house, with nothing in the interior or landscape being changed at all to fit the look of an inuman place; it looks like someone's holding a perpetual birthday party inside the house, and (2) That I am so old! The place was full of "kids" and I recognized no one. Damn. Our generation's time in UP has indeed passed. :))

It was great to see Franco and Angel again, and to just sit down together as a group like we all used to. For some reason, even though I see most of these guys on a daily basis, it's still a different kind of comfort when we're just talking and hanging out sans the agitation over acads. And with a few bottles of beer, of course. Good times.

#DOG almost complete!

BONUS! Last Tuesday, Ludwin took a half-day leave from work to submit his application for Master's. Since I had Evidence that day, due to certain considerations, I was not supposed to look pretty / dressed-up / kikay, hence I went to school in shirt and jeans, aka college kid get-up. That, plus our lunch at Rodic's, definitely made me feel like an undergrad all over again.

I took his phone and demanded obligatory cheesy-college-couple selfies. HE HE HEHEHE

It was the college date we never had with each other, I guess. :))


The only problem with great weeks like this is that I'm pretty sure the succeeding ones are going to be crazy hectic. But oh well. I'm taking all the small joys and victories I can get. One week at a time, Karla!

P.S. Forgive me if the blog's turning into one big photo dump lately! It's my lame attempt at making myself feel that I still have a social life. :))

P.P.S. And the ugly resolution, damn, I'm terribly sorry! It's my Huawei phone's fault! Haha! My Samsung died on me last summer, and I didn't see the point of buying an extremely expensive phone when I can get a decently priced pwede na one. That, plus I commute everyday to school, and I didn't want to be easy target for robbers. So there, grainy photos in exchange of... uhm, greater peace of mind?


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