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Friday, I'm in love

*cue The Cure background music*

Reward for surviving another day of Tax (me), braving the Friday rush hour (him), and remembering milestones like the anniversary (both of us): Dinner at Abe in Trinoma!

I think it's only our first time to be sitting across each other on a date. The restaurant was full and we didn't have much of a choice, but it was fun pretending we were on our first date :))

We had gising-gising, gambas, and lamb adobo - which were all so incredibly delicious, we wanted to shake hands, high-five and then mano with Abe himself. (Pretty sure he's a cool lolo.) Then we had leche flan, which is the best thing on any Filipino restaurant menu ever. It is nectar from the gods; it is a little slice of heaven. It never disappoints. I can say the same for the boyfriend and this relationship thus far - but that'll be too cheesy, so I'll stop it right here :P

Happy 365th day since we decided to put it up on Facebook!