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Happy crush

Many moons ago, I had a crush on my classmate in PE.

Every Wednesday and Friday, this song would be on loop inside my head. It was the perfect encapsulation of a happy crush. It was a crush that never went acknowledged. I didn't even bother considering if he reciprocated the feeling in the slightest. I was content walking beside him, talking about mundane things like the weather and birthdays. Oh to be sixteen, and to be partnered with a boy cute enough to make you want to walk for two hours, twice a week, for your first semester in UP. No matter that he wasn't yours, no matter that you shared only pleasantries and phone numbers. It wasn't like anything was ever going to come out of it.

Come sweeten every afternoon, I'd sing to myself.

Didn't think he'd actually do, all these years later.


It's been a year since you and I first went to Mass together and updated our status online. We've been going out for months before that, but we wanted the 11-12-13 date to match (because we're baduy like that!) Yep, it couldn't have been more ~*official*~ than God AND Facebook.

People may say "It's only been a year," but wow, if that is what a year with you feels like, then I can't wait for all the rest.

let all the things you mean to me
come tumbling out my mouth