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Coron, the first of 2015

Some time in the middle of last semester, me and my girl friends in the block suddenly decided to buy tickets to Coron because of Cebu Pacific's seat sale. Thanks to our professor being late, one of my blockmates surfing on the web chanced upon the ad. It only took us about fifteen minutes or so to decide that we should go on a trip on January, considering the month-long Christmas/semester break that awaited us.

The weeks in between that fateful day (which I now forgot, haha) and the much-awaited trip proved to be long and difficult, considering the hurdles we had to go through before we earned our vacation. But alas, it finally arrived, and turned out to be every bit as we imagined.

Coron was lovely in its simplicity, beautiful in the calm. It was a quiet, idyllic town, with nothing but the sea to offer as its charm. But it was definitely more than enough.

We were astounded numerous times in the trip, especially after every lake, after every glimpse of each corner of the waters. And perhaps it was only fitting. Sometimes, it's in the quietest of places that we find the loudest affirmations - of the wonders of nature, and of the joy of sharing it with people you care about. So loud in your head does the awe strike you, in fact, that it renders you absolutely speechless.

(And behold, the photo dump.)