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February wrap-up

February was quite eventful, to say the least. It was a month of catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and celebrating small triumphs. Not what I expected, definitely, but that was a welcome surprise. I guess that's the universe's way of telling me that, doubts and uncertainties notwithstanding, things are going to be alright.

I had so much going on in the last week, I felt like I went out more than I did last December :)) It was lucky that we had a holiday and some free days in the last few days; I found time to squeeze in some things and still made it through the week unscathed. Is this true? Is it really happening? Am I finally adjusting to law school + social life?! OH MY GOD FINALLY. After how many years! Hahahaha!


MOA with high school friends + Meeting Francis 

We finally got to meet Tin's new boyfriend, Francis! In person, that is. Last time we saw him, he was just a tiny, pixelated face on Tin's iPhone. Last Saturday, we were introduced an actual, living, breathing boy!

Ludwin and I drove all the way from QC to Mall of Asia, which is a first, because we've never gone on a date that far South. (With the exception of our ATC lunch last December, post-Christmas party.) It was a good thing the group decided on MOA instead of BF in Paranaque, because I don't think we could've gone otherwise. The traffic's just too much on a Saturday evening; I won't subject ourselves to a back-and-forth trip on our only rest day for the week. That, plus I got to drop by Uniqlo and buy this blazer/cardigan I've been eyeing for months. I'm such a happy girl when I go mall-ing these days, because I rarely ever go out! :))

Mikka isn't too pleased with the seating arrangement :)) 

We ate at Friday's (again), and had the best seats in the house, because just behind us was a view of the Pyromusic Olympics. That weekend was a battle between Netherlands v. Mexico. We didn't know which was which, but man, what a sight. We kept looking behind us every few minutes or so just to look at the fireworks! I think you never really outgrow your fascination with fireworks. No matter how old you are, when you hear them, when you catch a glimpse of them, you're somehow forced to stop in your tracks and just stare in awe. It brings out the kid in you every single time - and we all could always use that feeling :)

 Hi Francis! You're officially initiated :))

TOPS with Portia

One of the yearly activities Portia holds is our kiddie party for the Tahanan Outreach Program and Services (TOPS) in Sta. Ana, Manila. It's usually held every December, but due to the academic calendar shift, we had to postpone this event until after finals at least. It finally pushed through last Wednesday, on the EDSA Holiday.

It was my first time attending TOPS, even though I've been a resident for almost two years now. And it was truly a humbling, enjoyable experience. I really had fun being a part-time ate/mascot/entertainer -- but also felt super tired after! We stayed there for just three hours, but I felt like I jogged around the Oval thrice :)) Masyadong bibo! Hahaha!

The residents with the kids of TOPS

#PortianAndPink, #PortianAndProud

Louie's birthday

Yesterday was Louie's birthday, and being the dutiful girlfriend that I was, all week-long I felt super excited and giddy :)) He picked me up after Corpo to have lunch with his family at Tim Ho Wan. It was my first time, and -- to no one's surprise -- I gobbled up the hakaw and dim sum in utter delight. His family is so, sooo nice to me; I always feel at home because they're very similar to mine. Really glad and fortunate to be part of the "my boyfriend's parents and sister love me" statistic :))

After that, Louie and I went shopping! This is the funny thing about the two of us: when we go around and shop, we're so supportive of each other's taste and preferences, I bet we'd end up buying everything we touch, if we only had the money :)) He's so genuinely interested in the clothes and trinkets I have my eyes on, and I'm always so curious with the manly stuff he likes tinkering with. Which is why he is so fun to shop with! In the last two weeks, I've bought a blazer (from MOA) and a swimsuit (from SM North), thanks to his "support." Gaaah, we are such enablers! :)) He ended up buying some things for me too, without me asking for it, just because. He bought me some notepads, for my calligraphy, and a watch (!), even though it was his birthday. Ever the appreciative and dutiful girlfriend, I promised him a lifetime of hugs and fancy calligraphy notes in return :))

Bombastarr @ 10!

Biggest milestone of the decade. DECADE. Yep, I can use the word DECADE when it comes to this blog now! Woooh! What an achievement! =)) I can't believe I lasted this long, blogging in this exact same place, and not getting tired of it even after ten freakin' years! That's gotta be some kind of feat, right? Right?!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm happy to have had this blog as a place to write and rant and just be who I am. In the last ten years I've grown so, sooo much as a person, and I think this is one place that's testament to all that, as evidenced by all the hormonal fangirling, writing exercises, adolescence-to-adulthood crises, and everything else in between.

(That means, yep, folks, you've got ten years' worth of blackmail material right here.)

People have asked me why I've never moved into other platforms. The simple answer is that I'm too lazy. But I guess, after ten years, I've come to the conclusion that sometimes there are just some things in my life I'd rather have unchanged. I've been through so much since 2005: high school, college, law school, heartbreak, love, failure, happiness. But at the end of the day, no matter how much shit life throws my way, I have this one thing that remains constant. It may not be much, but it's certainly something. It still gives me something to look forward to; it makes me feel like there are a lot of things in my life worth being thankful for. And isn't that always, always enough reason to stay?


Here's to many more years of living a life worth writing about!