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Of writing

I've always believed that whatever is meant for you will find a way back into your life - in whatever way, however difficult.

There are very few things I hold dearly to me; there are only a number of things I consider a part of my identity. One of them is writing. It hasn't always been this way, especially not before college. I was more of an avid reader; someone who appreciated writing but not one who dreamt of making the craft. But UP happened, and CAL happened, and I realized, writing is something I will always, always enjoy doing. I will not claim to be great at it; but I derive tremendous pleasure from being able to take part in its craft. It's not so much the "expression of feelings" that I get a kick out of - because honestly, writing doesn't always involve emotions. It's the method. It's the process of putting together words and thoughts and elements, and crafting them to make something new. I like coming up with something more than the sum of its parts. There is joy in finding stories and telling them.

I never thought law school will give me that opportunity. In fact, my biggest gripe with law school is that it has given me no opportunities to write; it has doused whatever creativity I've nurtured in the last few years. But I've always told myself there is love in law school; there is literature in the field of law. I've made a promise that after law school, I shall write again. No matter where or how, basta, I will write.

If there's a commitment I'm willing to make for the rest of my life, it will be for the written word. And wow, I didn't ever think this will come to me at this time. This makes me want to really work my ass off and do well so that I can deserve it.

Crossing my fingers for this, Philippine Law Register. Maybe you're just the kind of change I need to make me genuinely want this place again.