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Tryst 2015: Soaked!

2015 is UP Portia Sorority's 82nd year, and what better way to celebrate than with a huge, awesome party!

But this year's Tryst is not like any of the previous ones we've thrown, because what makes this year's party special, entitled "Soaked" is:
  1. As you can guess from the name alone: it's a pool party! #BYOB = Bring Your Own Bikini or Boardshorts!
  2. It's the Law/Med mixer everyone's been waiting to happen! It was co-presented by Lex Athenia Victoria Sorority of Ateneo Law and Tau Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity of UST Med, and co-sponsored by Lambda Rho Sigma Sorority of San Beda Law (along with Alpha Phi Beta and Sigma Rho fraternities of UP Law)
  3. It's right before Labor Day! What #LaBoracay? Temple Drive is where it's at!

Last night was a blast. We only throw one party every year, but wow, when we do, we go beyond expectations! I'm so happy we found a way to pull strings together and made it all happen. We had a lot of sponsors and had a large turnout of guests. Really - props to the Tryst Team! 

The Little Mermaid in me obviously had plans of jumping straight into the pool and never leaving until it's time to go home, but my ovaries declared otherwise (insert sad face), hence I took on the role of being just a dutiful pool-side party-goer (enjoyed my cocktails, thankyouverymuch) and a part-time YOLO photographer, thanks to my new baby, the Re. The pictures aren't perfect, but they're good enough to give everyone a glimpse of the great time we all had last night :)

Strobe lights make the wildest filters

Crazy blurry photo with my crazy beautiful friends! 3-D Portians, represent!
Me, Chrissa, Kat, and Des

Portia blue lights
Chua, me, Chrissa

Friends, old and new

Last night's date: Bearded Lulu!
Almost everyone didn't recognize my mystery date :P

More photos grabbed from the Tryst Facebook page:

Third-year sisses, feat. two second-year sisses at the back, and two boys :)) 

UP Law 2016 love! 

My weirdo with a beard-o

I'm still on an emotional rollercoaster from everything that happened in the last few days (and months, actually), but it's nights like this that remind me to stop, take a breath, enjoy life, and let the love around you embrace your fears away :)