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Parasailing + Kayaking

Boracay, July 2015
Parasailing + Kayaking

A short glimpse of Louie and I's parasailing and kayak rides from a few weeks ago, shot by my Re. Sorry for the very amateur video-editing skills — I won't even pretend this looks decently put together! But it was the best I could do :)))

Definitely more than decent, though, are the stunning views, both of the calm and serene Puka Beach, and the deep blue waters from about hundreds of feet in the air. It was exhilarating to say the least! Both activities were exciting in their own ways: the kayak ride turned us into the Amazing Race wannabe contestants whose teamwork led us into the middle of the sea, wading against the current, while parasailing made us go through a roller-coaster of both completely terrified and extremely giddy in a matter of minutes. (Obviously, I was most thrilled when we were splashed into the water as we were descending back to our boat.)

I wish I took a video while we were on the ATV; however, being the responsible (aka scaredy-cat) driver that I am, I couldn't whip out the camera out of fear of accidentally driving off the cliff. But two out of three ain't so bad: great to know we've conquered land, air, and water all in one weekend! Now, how to conquer fire...? :))